Friday, February 15, 2008

Top Chef Boyfriend

I try to avoid sappy, boyfriend-filled posts. However, I am breaking my own rules for a post-Valentine's Day entry in order to recognize Alex's valiant culinary endeavor.

Instead of going out to a fancy restaurant and paying twice as much as any other night (see yesterday's post about people profiting off of Valentine's Day), Alex surprised me with a five course meal:
It was supposed to be six course meal but he did not have time to make the roasted asparagus dish, which was fine because I was stuffed. And no dessert because of my Lenten sweet-abstention. Overall it was a lovely dinner and Alex even covered the apartment in red balloons, which his cats loved.

Now that I have preserved this memory in blog form since I did not have a camera to capture the moment, and now that I have sufficiently embarrassed Alex by revealing his romantic side, I will lay off the lovey-dovey posts for a few months.

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