Tuesday, February 19, 2008

East Coast Escapism

Even though my last flying experience was a disaster, I am itching to go somewhere. Considering that last semester I was flying to California every month for job interviews and holidays, and I was even able to squeeze in a trip to Florida, I am ready to get away from law school and out of the District. And I mean more than crossing the Potomac to go to Virginia.

So this Saturday, Alex and I are going to Philadelphia to do all the touristy things. I am excited because I finally have a light-work week and I have never been to Philadelphia before. Never have had an authentic Philly Cheesesteak, seen the Liberty Bell, or run up the Rocky steps.

I am also trying to make a list of East Coast destinations I need to go to while I living in driving distance of them. I want to go to Boston and New York again, as well as North Carolina, South Carolina, Louisiana, Atlanta, and Charlottesville, Virginia. Any other suggestions?

Even though the movie Jumper was not that great, seeing all of those fabulous destinations made me wish I could just "jump" to places. It would certainly save me a lot of money on gas or airfare.


Lauren said...

There's a couch in Boston (well, Cambridge, but whatever) with your name on it whenever you'd like to visit. It would be so fun to run around town together with our pearls and argyle sweaters!

Joline said...

maine, i've heard, is fabulous.