Monday, February 18, 2008

President's Day

You would think that an institution called American University, which has a bald eagle as its mascot and red, white, and blue as its colors, and is located in the nation's capital would have President's Day Off. But no.

Never mind that 95% of our law school has three-day weekends every weekend. Or that we have a spring break and summer vacation. I am going to complain today because that's what we law folk do. When everyone else is enjoying their day off, we are in class. Is this what those 25 lawyers turned Presidents would have wanted, I think not.

Whining aside, it is interesting to think about how 25 of the 42 Presidents, were lawyers. My friend Joline asked me which recent Presidents have not been lawyers. George W. Bush, George H.W. Bush, and Ronald Reagan all popped into my mind quickly. Moreover, McCain and Huckabee never went to law school, whereas Obama, Hillary, and Edwards did.

Now I know that there have been a lot of Republicans in the past who went to law school and Democrats who did not, but perhaps this is a new trend.
By the way, the above picture is from the "President's Race" at a National's baseball game- pretty the best reason to go to a ball game. One's a lawyer, one's not. You can see who's winning.

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