Friday, February 08, 2008

Attorney at Law

I think all of us in law school always wince at the notion that we will most likely be practicing lawyer in less than a year and a half. Us, lawyers? Do we know enough to be lawyers?

This was the same type of reaction that I had this week when I was at the General Counsel's Office. Are you sure you want me writing the argument in this really big employment case? But they said yes, I have now familiarized myself with the facts of this crazy case more so than anyone in the office so why don't I take crack at it. It will be a good learning experience. Um, ok...

Once I remembered how to write a trial brief and got into the rhythm of writing, I absolutely loved it. I loved piecing together the case, investigating discrepancies in the record, summoning documents from Human Resources, and formulating my argument. Even though real life fact patterns are so much more complicated than the ones that they gave us in Legal Rhetoric, the writing itself is far more enjoyable.

Everyone asks me what type of law I want to practice. Although I love Constitutional, Administrative, and Education Law, I have also enjoyed almost every other field that I have been exposed to. I have also learned that I like pure legal settings much more. I thought I would like the law and policy intersection, but between working at a think tank that has that aspect of policy and at the general counsel's office, I feel much more fulfilled in the latter. Especially after working on the crazy case this week. (sorry I have to be so vague about the case, law students have to abide by confidentiality too)

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