Wednesday, January 30, 2008

"Baller" Professors

1. One who exhibits a consistent proficiency at-, or exuberant love for the game of basketball.
2. One whose person has been fully and successfully established in numerous social circles
3. One whose status in society has been earned by one's possession of "game" (that is, proficiency at the game of life)

1. Exhibiting those qualities of a baller.
The more that I learn about professors at my law school, the more in awe I am. Yesterday, my roommate and I discovered how accomplished her Business Associations Professor, Perry Wallace, is. Among the highlights of his resume were...
  • Award for most outstanding engineering student at Vanderbilt University (he was a Electrical Engineering and Engineering Mathematics)
  • First black varsity basketball player player in the SEC
  • Jersey number retired at Vanderbilt
  • Inductee in the Tennessee Athletics Hall of Fame
  • Quick stint with the Philadelphia 76'ers before Columbia Law School.
  • And a lot of jobs of course...Department of Justice, Urban League, Professor, Researcher, etc
Moreover, my constitutional law professor was general counsel for 2 Presidents and the 9/11 Commission. My civil procedure professor has a doctrine named after him. My remedies professor clerked for Chief Justice Burger, one of the few female Supreme Court clerks. And of course, another constitutional law professor was on Carmen San Diego when he was 11.

I feel like I need to get cracking if I ever want to become a professor.

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