Monday, October 15, 2007

Crunch Time

Well I guess I can tell myself "I told you so." On September 27, I wrote:
Since my September has been very . . . pleasant . . . I am preparing for the worst in October. I do not foresee anything particular, but I have the feeling that my journal obligations will increase, the speed in my classes will pick up, and hopefully I will be busy with call-back interviews.
Alex made fun of me for talking about this "storm" of work, but it finally did hit. Within a few hours today, I found out that I am going to California for a call-back interview this Friday and I got the publication schedule for my comment. That means I have to finish my journal source gathering before I leave (cutting off two days of work), revise my comment before the heavy staff editing begins Wednesday, and schoolwork.

Fortunately my preparedness (or you could say paranoia) has mentally and workwise prepared me for this. Moreover, I cannot really complain about anything when most of the work and obligations that will make life a little hectic this next week are all good things.

I will probably be completely exhausted by the end of this week, but being home in California is probably the best way to recuperate from that.

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