Tuesday, October 16, 2007


In Sunday's entry, I promised one of the craziest, sad, and random USAC stories I have ever heard. So here it is, passed on from my UCLA Alumni Dinner Hostess and verified by the ever reliable web...

Once upon a time (in 1988), a guy named Llyod ran for USAC. Lloyd ran with the "Third World Coalition," (today known as Students First!), and won the election. However, he was later disqualified because of academics. Members of the Third World Coalition turned over ballot boxes, riots nearly ensued, and LAPD were all over campus. There were allegations that the disqualification was race motivated because Lloyd was Latino. Ultimately, Lloyd lost his appeals and Mike Meehan, the white "Greek" candidate won.

Fast forward to 2003, and after a long career in local and national politics, Lloyd dies from elective gastric-bypass surgery. (Sorry, the rest of the story is not as depressing).

Meanwhile, Mike Meehan becomes a lawyer, works in the LA District Attorney's Office, and also becomes involved in politics. Years later he moves to Kentucky, comes out of the closet, and opens up a hair salon, Planet Salon, with his partner (turns out he is not the typical white frat guy everyone thought he was).

Mike and his partner want to have a child, so one of their salon customers offers to be a surrogate mother. She ends up being pregnant with quadruplets, which naturally makes the news, and my hostess (along with others) finds out about everything while watching Good Morning America one morning. Her story ended there, and everyone at the dinner was in awe.

When I came home and told the story to my roommate, we of course google'd the whole thing and found out that Mike and his partner have since separated and there was a custody battle for the kids, which Mike eventually won.

The end.

[Note: I really want to hit myself for thinking this, but when I heard this story, one of the first things that popped into my head was "wow, this would be an amazing fact pattern for a law school exam. So many different legal issues."]

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