Sunday, October 14, 2007

Bruins Bruins Everywhere

Tonight I was supposed to have "Dinner with DC Strangers," an event put on by the UCLA alumni association. However, thanks to the interconnected world of USAC, UCLA's student government, I knew half of the people at my dinner.

In addition to bringing along Alex (my running mate and former council member himself), there was the other VP my year, a recent USAC intern, and the Daily Bruin Editor who oversaw endorsements when I ran. Soon after I arrived, I learned that our hostess was a council member in 1988. Crazy stories about USAC came out, which I will save for tomorrow.

All in all, it was amazing to hear how much UCLA has changed (so many more buildings) and stayed the same (student government, exactly the same).

At the dinner, someone also mentioned that UCLA has the most living alumni. I am not sure how that works out since our school is much smaller than schools like Ohio State, but there do seem to be Bruins everywhere. On Saturday, I ran into a UCLA friend who goes to Syracuse Law at a moot court competition held at my law school.

We're everywhere.

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