Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Blogging Notes

With the craziness of law school, I have sometimes asked myself why I keep blogging. Then I remind myself that I have this to: a) keep my family 3,000 miles away and friends scattered across the country up to date with my life, b) chronicle the odd, odd world of law school, as well as life in general, and c) give myself a "creative" outlet.

However, as of late, I have discovered a few other uses for my blog:
  • Writing Sample: When my higher ed professor circulated a copy of my memo to the class with my name redacted, my friend Smash told me that she knew that it was my memo based on the writing style. I assume she picked up my style from this blog, which almost makes me question my academic level of writing because these are usually late night ramblings.
  • Crime-Solving Central: A few months ago, I blogged about an internet creep/harasser who sent me messages pretending to be my boyfriend and other friends. Since posting his screen name on this blog, I have received several comments and emails from people who have also been harassed by this individual. It appears that this person has acquired school email addresses around the country to infiltrate university networks on Facebook. He/she also likes to "hit" in waves, as 3 unrelated individuals contacted me just this weekend saying that they were harassed.
  • Measuring stick: After having lunch with some 1L students today and talking about the stress of their first memo, I wanted to look back to see how I was back then. After reading this entry reflecting on my first few weeks of law school, I realized that I seem exactly the same (for better or worse). I just don't have the nightmares of CREAC and stress of legal rhetoric.

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