Sunday, June 17, 2007

Anonymously Annoying

This morning I woke up, had a nice walk on my way to Mass, bought a bunch of fresh fruit at Whole Foods...pretty much minding my own business on a lovely Sunday morning. Then I get an IM from a person pretending to be Alex.

xtremlyaddictlng: hey
Me: hi, who is this?
xtremlyaddictlng: hey its alex
xtremlyaddictlng: is this im coming in right
xtremlyaddictlng: I got the mac laptop
Me: alex k___?
Me: yeah, it's coming in fine
xtremlyaddictlng: oh
xtremlyaddictlng: no your alex dummy
xtremlyaddictlng: [alex's last name removed]
Me: why are you on a mac?
Me: or have this screen name?
xtremlyaddictlng: I bought the white macbook
xtremlyaddictlng: I had t make a screneame up for the program on it calledichat
xtremlyaddictlng: it lets you im aim people toot hough
Me: you bought a macbook?!
xtremlyaddictlng: yeh
xtremlyaddictlng: its nice
Me: when?
xtremlyaddictlng: its a lot faster than a pc
xtremlyaddictlng: yesterday
xtremlyaddictlng: at the actual apple store
Me: you didn't tell me that
xtremlyaddictlng: hence..i'm telling you now :-)
xtremlyaddictlng: i wanted to go online on it before i told you
xtremlyaddictlng: cause I didnt think i'd like it and return it
Me: why'd you buy a new computer?
xtremlyaddictlng: cause I can sell mine for a good amount
xtremlyaddictlng: so I can make that up on the macbook
xtremlyaddictlng: it was 749
xtremlyaddictlng: my computer sells for over 600
xtremlyaddictlng: can you teleport here
Me: are you going to get a new screen name?
xtremlyaddictlng: i want to sort of have a cuddle session haha
xtremlyaddictlng: yeh unless I can keep this one
xtremlyaddictlng: do you approve?
Me: i don't get it
xtremlyaddictlng: ?
Me: what's it supposed to mean?
xtremlyaddictlng: I want to cuddle with you
xtremlyaddictlng: oh
xtremlyaddictlng: extremly addicting
xtremlyaddictlng: like very addictive
Me: why is it an l?
Me: addictling?
xtremlyaddictlng: just for kicks
Me: hmm, i dont' know
xtremlyaddictlng: ?
Me: i kind of got used to your old one
xtremlyaddictlng: oh
xtremlyaddictlng: yeh i emailed them to ask how to use the old one
Me: maybe i just don't like the "x" and the weird spelling
xtremlyaddictlng: it doesnt let you sign on with those
xtremlyaddictlng: yeh
xtremlyaddictlng: I'm sort of craving you
xtremlyaddictlng: riht now lol
xtremlyaddictlng: :-(
Me: this doesn't sound like alex
xtremlyaddictlng: its me
xtremlyaddictlng: i was just thinking about stuff all night
xtremlyaddictlng: so im ina diff mood
Me: Ok, I know this isn't Alex

After that "xtremlyaddictlng" immediately signs off or blocks me. I call Alex and actually wake him up, he has no idea who IM'ed me. If this was a friend playing a joke, well it was still a little weird...but I guess you fooled me for a minute or two. You can come forward and take credit.

However, if this is some random person pretending to be my boyfriend for whatever reason, all I can say is that you're a creep. And this once again leads me to ask the question: Do I have a sign on my forehead that says "weird crazy people, come harass me"?


Smash said...

Um. That is psycho.

faithsalutes said...

i second that, weirdo. time to google that friend's records.

Sam said...

Hi, I don't know you but the exact same thing happened to me just now, with xtremlyaddictlng pretending to be my girlfriend. She was in the room, so it didn't last long. I googled the screen name and your blog was all that came up, which is why I'm here. I feel like whoever it was must have gotten my girlfriend's name off of facebook, and maybe did the same to you. Here's a link to my facebook profile you can see if we have any random mutual friends, although anyone in the UCLA network could see both of our profiles, so odds are its not even a friend. I'll post again here if I can figure out anything about this.

Anonymous said...

I don't know you either, but this person and another sn just imed me AND my friend pretending to be my boyfriend and other friends of ours. They talked about a specific facebook picture and it is seriously creeping us out. Did anything ever happen with this and did anything happen to your computer?

Anonymous said...

This person just IM'd me and just called me fat and signed off... way to ruin someone's day.

WnaBKaet said...

Hi, this is totally random, but the same thing is happening on two other college campuses in New England as of September 30, 2007. A person signs on as "xtremlyaddictlng" and pretends to be another person known to the recipient of the IM. Through our investigations they appear to be using Facebook against us as well. Have you got any more information? They are using the same story against us, of either having a new macbook or the new AIM Trillian. This is turning out to be a serial stalking and harassment case and this person needs to be stopped!

Anonymous said...

I'm on a college campus in New England and he just imed me and he didn't say he wasn't using a new imac or the new AIM trillion he just pretended to be one of my best friends and said that she needed to have a condom and not only went in on my personal life (like new about it, but knew about her personal life too)

Kristina said...

Hi everyone. Thanks for the updates. From all the comments and emails I have received, the only thing I have been able to deduce is that he/she 1) uses facebook, 2) has been able to procure multiple school accounts to see profiles across the country (from California to New England area), 3) likes to hit people from certain schools and regions in waves, and 4) has been doing this for over a year.

Since blocking my AIM profile on my facebook, I have stopped receiving messages. This has helped me, but it seems as though he/she simply moves on to new targets.

Jennifer said...

Hi I'm a ucla student and this happened to me the other day. The person pretended to be my best friend and asked me all these personal questions. Anyways, I suspected this guy but now I think for sure it is him after reading the conversation you had. I don't know for sure but the circumstantial evidence is too strong. Is there anything I can do if I catch this person? Please email me and let me know because I feel really violated and want to stop this person. My email is