Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Matzoh Magic

It was not a horrible day. Just a blah day.

Despite getting 8+ hours of sleep last night, I woke up to gloomy yet humid weather, felt congested all day long due to allergies, was freezing cold because the law school keeps the school like an igloo and I forgot my sweater, ran around trying to get everything lined up for my interviews in California, and was bummed because I really wanted to soup at lunch to warm me up but today was the only day in the cafeteria's history that they have not had soup. Yes, I feel like being whiny today.

Fortunately, I felt a lot better after I went to Wagshals, a local deli by my school, with my friends after class. Lo and behold: matzoh ball soup. There was nothing I needed more at that moment than a bowl of brothy comfort.

I may only be JBA (Jewish by Association), but I think some foods transcend culture and religion.

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