Monday, September 10, 2007

Cat Tales

Over the weekend, Alex and I excitedly embarked on the first step of the surprisingly long process to get a cat. Since Alex has a huge apartment, we decided to get him not one, but two cats to keep him company.

The whole process started on Saturday when Alex and I took a trip over to the D.C. Humane Society. I have never been much of a cat person, but after holding and playing with a series of cats, they definitely grew on me. We ultimately narrowed our choices down to Cherry (above) and Pumpkin (below), with Pickles as the alternate. I thought from that point, the Humane Society would see if the two cats played well together, and we would be well on our way. Wrong.

Alex had to fill out a questionnaire that had asked him questions on his moral stance on issues like de-clawing (apparently a big no if you want to adopt a cat). After he finished filling out all 5 pages, the Humane Society told us that they would give us a call.

Since Saturday, Alex has had a phone interview, the Humane Society has called Alex's boss, and they are scheduling a home visit in the next day or so. I know that they are just trying to find a good home for these cats, but really? I cannot imagine what people have to go through to adopt a child.

Anyway, if all goes well, Alex could be the proud papa of Cherry and Pumpkin by the end of this week, and I will get visitation rights. We are not sure if we are going to keep the names or not, but we realized today that they are both pie-related. If anything, we hope that is a good sign that the cats will get along and we will all be a happy family.

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