Saturday, September 22, 2007

Application Process

As much as I like new challenges, I am tired of the application process. I feel like since fall 2001, when I sent out my first applications for undergrad colleges, I have been constantly selling myself. Writing admissions essays and cover letters, getting references and letters of recommendation, updating the resume, interviewing.

I know going to college, law school, and getting summer internships are all of my choosing. And I know that job applications are something that everyone has to do. However, getting a rejection letter for a firm that I applied directly to (not one of the ones I interviewed with) can be frustrating, and shake you a little bit if you think you had a good shot with the firm. Overall, I am not worried about not getting any job next summer, I am just exhausted with what has seemed like six years of constantly applying to things.

I just want a permanent job, no more applications, real furniture, certainty etc. Whereas most people my age are afraid of "settling," I am the complete opposite.

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