Friday, September 21, 2007

Why Law? Why DC?

Throughout this job search, I have often heard interviewers ask me, "Why law school?" and "Why Washington, DC?" Though I have nice and articulate responses to these questions, I could simply answer: I am a nerd, particularly a constituional and political one.

Yesterday and today, I went to the Law Review's symposium on the chilling effect of 9/11 on the freedom of speech. Having worked on national security and civil liberty issues all summer, I was already excited.

Then I saw the lineup of speakers: Erwin Chemerinsky (the Constitutional king of our times, author of my Constitutional law book, Duke law professor, and recently hired-fired-and rehired Dean of UC Irvine's new law school), Colleen Rowley (FBI Whistleblower and Time Magazine Person of the Year), Mike German (FBI whistleblower, former undercover white supremecist turned ACLU lawyer, and someone I worked with this summer), Jameel Jaffer (young and famous ACLU lawyer who's worked on some of the big Guantanamo/Patriot Act/Post 9-11 cases), and others.

This is why I go to law school in DC.

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