Wednesday, August 15, 2007


The upside of having your laptop die is getting a new one. Meet Vostro, my new laptop. Vostro is actually a new line of durable and easy to use Dell computers marketed for small businesses. Since I work and travel probably as much as many business people, my uncle thought this laptop would be a good fit for me.

Though setting up everything again has been laborious, I enjoy getting a fresh start. I love purging things I do not need anymore and reorganizing things; it's very therapeutic.

I think one of the reasons why I always looked forward to starting a new school year is that everything is a fresh start. This year I have a new apartment, laptop, classmates (we have been released from our sections), activities, and more.

It is going to be very strange for me when I graduate and the beginning of the year is no longer in August/September/October (UCLA starts very late), but rather January. Where almost everything stays the same except for the year number and resolutions. I shall enjoy my second to last of school beginnings, or I could just become a professor.

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