Thursday, August 16, 2007


I have discovered that working at orientation can be, well, disorienting. Despite the fact that I am on campus sitting on panels and dispensing advice to 1L students about how to prepare for classes, it did not hit me until yesterday that I am also starting my own classes on Monday.

I can also probably attribute my disorientation to 1) the fact that I have been on campus all summer long for my externship class and to write my comment, so it does not feel like I am coming back to school because I never left, and 2) after your first year of high school, college, or law school, we are a lot more laid back about starting classes because we know what to expect (remember how our first year of college we would order books months in advance, and by fourth year, we were buying them weeks into the quarter?)

Tomorrow I am hopefully finishing my comment and some job stuff, and then taking the rest of the weekend off. Being the orienter can be just as exhausting as being the orientee. But I think we are more happy exhausted than confused-afraid exahusted like the first years.

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