Wednesday, August 15, 2007

So It Begins

Tonight at my meeting, I received a fortune cookie that said, "You are a bundle of energy, always on the go." Then when I got home, I read my magazine horoscope that said, "With a plate this full, most would feel maxed out, but you're in heaven."

Well they hit the nail on the head. I am back in DC a week before classes start because I have a lot to do. My inbox's activity has grown exponentially in the past few days, with emails for class from professors and for the activities that I am in. I will be on campus almost everyday this week for orientation stuff and to finish my comment. Oh, and I need to finish job stuff.

Even though I read horoscopes for fun, the advice that the magazine gave underneath the horoscope was a good reminder, "Don't get caught up in a self-made tornado! Schedule downtime, or even you will burn out."

As I tell incoming 1L students to balance school and life, to take breaks, and to take care of themselves, I have to remember to do that as well for my second year. So I started today. After I got home from my meeting and waited for my computer to transfer over materials, I went to the gym. My new gym has individual tvs on each machine, which is amazing. Watching Top Model makes an hour on the elliptical machine go by so much faster.

They say that during 2L year, they work you to death. Here's to not just surviving, but enjoying my second year.

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