Monday, August 13, 2007

State of Affairs

Since I have been back to California, I have heard of many extra-marital affairs in my town. Coincidentally, the topic came up again as I watched episodes about cheating on Sex & the City and Top Model. The more I know this place, the more it really does seem like two other shows: Desperate Housewives (a show that wanted to film on our street) and The OC. Some of the stories are even crazier than television plots.

For someone who usually tries to understand things and tries to think logically, extra-marital affairs boggle my mind. I know that I am not one to pass judgment on anything but it is difficult, especially now that I know people who are hurt in the situations: wives, husbands, their children, etc. I will probably never understand why people do it, but all the situations just seem selfish on the part of the person having the affair because of the potential of hurting so many people.

Affairs, of course, are not limited to us hippie and heathens California. For one thing, Santa Clarita is conservative and religious. And tonight, I am flying back to Washington, DC. A place with politicians that demonstrate that cheating cuts across the country and across the entire political spectrum. So much for the sanctity of marriage.

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