Sunday, August 12, 2007

I'll Be Back

No one believes that I am coming back to California after I graduate law school, at least not right after graduation. They all assume that I have fallen in love with DC, that my personality fits in more with the East Coast, or that I will go get a job in the government. Although I do love DC, my personity does fit better on the East Coast, and I would love a job with the government, I swear I am returning.

In fact, I just bought my plane tickets to come back next month for my school's West Coast Interview Program. I do not find out for a few weeks yet if the employers have accepted my bids and want to interview me, but tickets are very inexpensive right now. At worst, I do not get interviews, I pay a $100 cancellation fee, use the ticket for Thanksgiving, and cry because no one wants to hire me.

This plane ticket home is symbolic of my "exit plan" out of DC. I am only applying for jobs in California for next summer, which in turn, will hopefully turn in will lead to an offer after graduation or connections to other California firms. Just like most other things I do in life, everything is part of thought out plan.

So even though I am flying back to tomorrow, cross your fingers that I get interviews and come back next month. Really, how could I leave California permanantly? When I return after graduation, I can still have a whole good year left with the Governator who inspired the title of today's entry.

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