Friday, August 17, 2007

Hanging Up on Long Distance

Next week, Alex and I will be going from a long-distance relationship to a same-district relationship. Yup, Alex accepted a job at George Washington University and will be living on their campus starting on Monday.

Even though I know that we will both busy, I am still ecstatic. Syracuse is only an hour plane ride away, but traveling time adds up and so does plane prices. No more spending $200 on a roundtrip ticket planned months in advance, only to arrive in Syracuse's biggest snowstorm in years. Now I can take a 20 minute metro ride over to Foggy Bottom.

Although I will miss Dinosaur BBQ, the one and only Syracuse landmark, I cannot wait to watch UCLA games together, hang out after a long week of classes, and explore the rest of DC.


James said...

Happy times. :D

Helen said...