Friday, July 27, 2007

Things I've Learned This Week

  • Moving across the street is as difficult and time consuming as moving across the city.
  • Law professors are really smart people.
  • Never assume that Democrats will vote on your side on Guantanamo issues (Loretta Sanchez) or that Republicans won't (Roscoe Bartlett, Walter Jones).
  • East Coast people probably don't take West Coast lawyers seriously because some lawyers from California show up to big firm wearing jeans.
  • Although the Shriners are kind of weird in a secret society kind of way, they do set up hospitals for kids and I respect that.
  • There are no good restaurants around Capitol Hill.

1 comment:

Sarah K. Brown said...

Capitol Hill has great resturants! There must be some story here ...

(ps, yes, I read your blog. I'm outing myself as a blog stalker all over the place these days). ;-)