Saturday, July 28, 2007

Goodbye Home

Dear The Consulate,

Thanks for being such a great apartment over the past year. It seems like just yesterday when my roommate and I first moved in to the huge empty apartment with just two suitcases each. Eventually we filled up the apartment with IKEA and Craigslist furniture, and it was the first apartment that really felt like mine.

You provided us everything that we needed for our first year of law school. A warm hello and goodbye from whoever was working at the front desk that day, prompt service from our two favorite repair men, and patience from the weekend front desk guy who would put up with our antics (like trying to move in a huge coffee table through the front door). Most importantly, you put up with our bouts of insanity and gave us a refuge from school.

We'll miss the funny internet connection names, the ever important supply of free coffee in the lobby, the kid with the afro, the cute little Indian kid, the weird music that came from our neighbor, the spectacular view of Rock Creek Park, the sunken living room, and more. If you were not so expensive, we would probably stay there for two more years, but alas, we will be right across the street.


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