Thursday, July 12, 2007

Power Hours

One thing I'll really miss when I move away from DC are the happy hours. Even if I don't eat or drink much at them, it's really nice to meet up with people after work and then ride the less crowded metro back home. I don't go often, but two happened to fall on today: An All-UC happy hour and a happy hour with the Vietnamese American Bar Association (VABA).

The UC one was fun even though it was crowded, and the VABA one was really nice. I immediately became the little sister, with them all giving me career advice and just joking around about general life stuff (like some of the women giving men pointers on pick up lines).

At the Happy Hours, I also remembered how small the world is. One of the VABA lawyers was actually the resident director of my freshman year dorm at UCLA. And then at the UC Happy Hour I saw 4 people from student government and 4 different people from Bruin Dems. Maybe I should make addendum to yesterday's entry and mention that you're more likely to have a stream of visitors to DC if you were/are a political junkie.

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