Monday, July 30, 2007

A Little Help for My Friends

In case you haven't noticed, there's now these little green buttons on my blog that will allow you to share my brilliant postings with the world. Ok, there's probably little reason why you would need to spread my ramblings to other people. However, if you have a "sharable" blog or know someone who does, I recommend adding this sharing widget found at Madkast.

Madkast is the brainchild of my friend Doug. This is the same Doug that was my predecessor as Bruin Democrats President, got me involved in student government, and brought you Zemble & DailyPrez.

Through my experience in politics and student government, I have met a lot of people like Doug. The people who think outside the box and the big dreamers. In fact, my friend Faith and I were just talking about how my boyfriend and her husband (all in student gov) are like Doug with their crazy internet ideas. I am more of a logistics and "make it happen" type of person, but this is why I work well with the dreamers-- even if I feel like I have to be naysayer or bring them back to earth sometimes. For you West Wing fans, I would be Leo McGarry to their Jed Bartlett.

But I digress. Check out Madkast. Who knows, it could be the next Facebook, Youtube, or Digg webiste. I'm sure they all started as "crazy ideas" from dreamers who had some friends who passed it around.

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Doug said...

Thanks so much for the post, and for putting madKast on your blog! Starting a company is a hard thing - things like your post make it a lot easier!