Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Charles in Charge

During lunch today, I filled out a service request online. By the time I arrived home, the maintenance people in the apartment took care of everything and left a nice note. What my apartment lacks in character, it definitely makes up in convenience.

Both my apartments in DC have been Charles E. Smith big corporate high rises rather than cute little row houses. At first I felt bad, like I was choosing Walmart over a mom and pop shop. But I have fallen into the allure of the monopoly (people always kid that Smith owns half of DC, and I wouldn't be surprised). Maybe Alex is right, maybe I am more conservative than him now.

It's so hard to resist the fast maintenance, the online rent payment system, the 24 hour front desk, and the free apartment transfers that let us end our old lease early. My new apartment even has a valet service and in-house drycleaning. It's like living in a hotel, but for a reasonable price (at least for DC standards). I would recommend to anyone moving, especially someone moving to a brand new city and will be busy with school.

I figure I have the rest of my life to find a cute little house that I can paint and landscape, so now I'll take all those perks of apartment life. And now I have that song stuck in my head...

Charles in Charge
Of our days and our nights
Charles in Charge
Of our wrongs and our rights

And I sing, I want,
I want Charge in Charge of me.

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