Sunday, July 29, 2007

Date Days

Although the long distance relationship has been working out for the past year, I miss going out on dates. So after Alex drove down this weekend and helped me finish moving, we had a date night.

We probably looked a little silly getting dressed up for the Simpsons Movie, but I wanted to take advantage of Bethesda's Restaurant Week afterwards. (Restaurant Week = 3 course dinners at nice restaurants for reasonable prices). We ended getting patio seats at Raku, a packed pan-Asian restaurant, which worked out perfectly for our 2+ hour summer dinner.

Alex had the Grilled Chicken Napa Salad, the House Special Beef Skewer appetizer, and the Thai Curry Bouillabaisse. I had the Heirloom Tomato Salad, Ban Ban Chicken appetizer, and Wok-Charred Chilean Seabass. Everything was amazing, and I highly recommend.

I guess when you only get to see your significant other (or as Alex calls it Sig-o) every month or so, you get to splurge a little and enjoy those moments. Yes I cope by being annoyingly optimistic rather than mopey.

Bouillabaisse! My new favorite word.

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