Thursday, July 05, 2007

Happy Fourth of July

Although I pretty much love all holidays, the great part about summer ones is that they're usually so much more relaxed. Some friends, my roommate, and I had a great time reading, tanning, and napping by the pool. We had dinner nearby and went to the restaurant/bar's rooftop to see some of the fireworks. No big spectacles by the national mall, but I don't think anyone was sad about not competing with all the tourists for a spot out there.

I wish it could be the Fourth of July, or even just summer, all year long. But I'm sure that would take away some of the fun.

So Happy Fourth of July everyone. Hope everyone enjoyed the sun, the good food, the family and friends, and the good ole USA. Not a perfect place, but I would still argue its the best. It may seem trivial or silly, but the fact that China blocks facebook is one example that speaks volumes.

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