Thursday, July 05, 2007

Friends in High Places

Although my high school didn't have a five year reunion this year, Facebook has made it a lot easier to see what everyone is up to these days. Between seeing the career paths of both my high school and college friends, I am always amazed at the diversity of jobs that my friends ended up with. Whether these jobs/career paths are temporary or for the long haul, I find it all fascintating.

I feel like I have friends working on practically every major political campaign (except, oddly enough, the Obama campaign), a best friend who's going to grad school to become an archaeologist, a friend exchanging currency for rude Chinese businessmen, a friend who is a meteorologist, a friend testing Navy jets, a friend traveling around the world installing stadium/theater seating, friends pursuing their crazy business ideas, a friend who is a historian researching Dupont family guns, and even a brother testing implantable defibrillators.

Though I couldn't imagine being anything other than a lawyer (ok, maybe a chef or event planner) and I do love it, all of us becoming lawyers and doctors seem boring compared to what types of jobs other people took. I am not jealous though; I know that in the future I will be able to trade in some legal advice for a weather report or a medical device.

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