Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Guilty Greek Pleasures

I admit it, I've been watching the new ABC Family show Greek. I got hooked when I was flipping through the channels one night after work and I stopped when I saw Royce Hall.

The show ended up being better than I thought it would be, raising a lot of issues in the Greek community and college in general. Not that I completely know about greek life because I wasn't part of it in undergrad (and am only in a law fraternity now), but my boyfriend, brother, and good portion of my friends were.

It was also really funny seeing the UCLA campus in every shot. Above is Moore 100, where I had orientation, a poli sci final, and endorsement hearings for USAC. To the left is Haines Hall, where I had a lot of poli sci classes and my Bruin Democrat meetings.

Although I may seem nostalgic lately and talk about moving back to California after I finish law school, I am actually not homesick and I definitely do not want to go back to college like some graduates I know. Those four years were a lot of fun, but I was completely ready to move on to the wonderful world of law school.

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faithsalutes said...

I logged onto URSA at work yesterday and started to tear up. I am not kidding. I miss it, a LOT.