Thursday, July 19, 2007

Winners Don't Whine

Even though I cleaned out my locker today and had my last externship class of the summer, there's not quite a break yet. I still have to finish my comment and do all my job applications for next summer. But I am not going to complain anymore.

I have definitely had my "woe is me" moments. But no one likes whiners, especially when they put themselves in these situations. I chose to go to law school, to try out and join law review, to write my comment over the summer, to do fall recruitment. And I choose these things because I find them interesting, enjoyable, and because I will benefit from it in the future.

I guess that's one thing that I've noticed a lot about law students, we whine. Even though everyone does this, I feel like law students are especially guilty. Maybe its in our nature since we're critical of things and like to vocalize problems. Some complaints are legitimate, like the financial aid office messing up on your loans. Moreover, we all need to vent sometimes to keep ourselves sane. However, a lot of the other things are silly: Oh no, they changed the library, the registrar's office is closed, the free lunches aren't good, the buses take forever, etc. I'm guilty, especially the library thing.

But seeing as how we are a profession that is supposed to take problems and find answers, shouldn't we do that in our own lives instead of just talking about the problems?

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