Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Goodbye DC Summers

It is strange thinking that, because I do not plan on being in DC next summer, I only have two more days working in DC. Humidity and freezing cold offices aside, I am going to miss it. Working downtown, rather than being couped up in the law school library, allowed me to actually enjoy so many of the things the city has to offer.

Today I took advantage of the best parts of being in the heart of the district. I sat in Dupont Circle watching the locals play chess, ate an empanada from Julia's (so good!), and did the Express' crossword puzzle. I met up with a friend from UCLA for happy hour and stopped by Larry's (the icecream Nazi). We even randomly ran into two other friends from UCLA as we were chatting on a bench enjoying the summer evening.

Although the reasons that I want to move back and work in California do outweigh staying out here, I am afraid that I won't have this city feeling. Taking public transportation into work so I don't have to deal with traffic, running into people on the streets, having a downtown where I can roam and sit around. Downtown LA is a little lacking, or maybe that is just my perception of it.

Speaking of California, I will be back this Friday for 10 days. I thought it would be a long time but it's already filling up quickly. I have turned in to one of those kids who is asking if I have to go back to classes. Maybe if summers in Santa Clarita were this much fun (and not 110 degrees), I would not have been the nerdy kid that I was, who could not wait for the first day of school.

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