Sunday, July 22, 2007

Back It Up

My public service annoucement of the day is back up the materials on your computer.

My computer died this morning. I knew it was coming. My computer started slowing down yesterday, some programs did not show up this morning, and then came the blue screen of death. Apparently my harddrive died and my computer won't even turn on now.

I actually did not have a panic attack, which is surprising considering how dependent I am on my computer. But that may have been different had I not just backed up my computer last weekend, already submitted my job applications due tomorrow, finished 90% of my packing, and done a pretty good first draft of my comment so I don't have much left to edit. Ah, for once my neuroticness paid off.

Usually I am a prepared person because my control-freak side gets too nervous about putting things off to the last minute. Although sometimes I am envious about my friends who can put things off until the last minute and still do them well, my little computer debacle really reinforced why I like doing things ahead of time.

I also realized how much more clearly I think when I am not hyperventalitating. Thinking about different ways I could finish my second draft of my comment, I found out that our school loans out computers for a week for people who's computers die (it happens a lot in law school). Thank you school laptop for allowing me to write this blog from the comfort of my apartment.

So in sum: back up and don't freak out.

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