Saturday, July 21, 2007

Moving on Out

My roommate and I will be moving all the way across the street next Thursday. Even though we're not moving far, we still have to pack up the entire apartment. This will be my sixth residence in five years, and in two more years I will most likely be moving back to California.

Although I've complained about the transient lifestyle with disposable furniture, the huge benefit of moving is the very much needed purging process. I can tell you personally that being a neat freak and pack rat are not mutually exclusive terms. In fact, as an organized person just means that I can fit more in my closet because I am efficient with space. I cannot believe how much I have been able to accumulate in less than a year considering that I only came to DC with two large suitcases. (And somehow that number grew to 6 suitcases in my room without me even realizing it because they were all fitted nicely inside each other like Russian dolls).

Through packing, I have also noticed how I somehow accumulated about 8 black tank tops and 5 pairs of gray dress pants. I need to make an inventory about what clothes I have before I go shopping. Now I also feel bad for making fun of my old roommates who would not realize that we already have jars of pickles or mustard before they bought it at the grocery store. I am not exaggerating when I say that we would end up with 6+ jars of pickles for an apartment of 5 girls (and I don't even eat pickles).

I do not plan on "purging" any of my blank tanks or gray pants, but I did recycle a year's worth of Newsweek magazines and case printouts from school. Though getting rid of old things is therapeutic, I couldn't imagine doing it after living in the same house for decades. Good luck mom and dad.

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