Monday, July 23, 2007

2 Weeks Notice

I cannot believe how quickly this summer is going. Two weeks left of work and they are definitely packed (and also full of packing). Today I helped plan our Sandra Day O'Connor event, tomorrow we are doing a walk through of a potential venue, Wednesday we're running a moot Congressional hearing to help prep a witness, Thursday is a tour of NPR, Friday is a going away party for the college interns.

It is going to be weird going back to school and returning to the school schedule of coming home to read instead of watch reality tv. Of waiting 20 minutes for the bus instead of a minute for the metro during rush hour. We'll see if what the rumor that they work you to death during your second year is true (as opposed to scaring you your first year and boring you your third year). I am hoping that my activities and classes that I actually got to pick will make this year more exciting than last.

I know that there's a little less than a month until school starts, and I definitely plan on enjoying every moment of it, but it does feel like two weeks until 2L.

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