Friday, June 29, 2007

Friday Fun

A random assortment of goodness today in no particular order:
  • Knocked Up- go see it, very funny. (And it's even better when you get to use the free movie tickets your mom sent you).
  • The Supreme Court unexpectedly granting cert in Guantanamo cases, getting kudos from the office lawyers for catching this before the news reporting it, and getting to help write the amicus brief for the case.
  • Not crowded Friday metros.
  • The sangria at Ella's Wood Fire Pizza during Happy Hour. Their pizza is also pretty good, but the sangria is a must.
  • Surprisingly running into friend who is moving away for a few months and getting to say an official goodbye.
  • A fresh coat of red nail polish on my toes.
  • Office bonding at our lunch social.
  • Figuring out the very last word in the crossword puzzle the office interns were working on.
  • Post-thunderstorm climate that is less humid.

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