Thursday, June 28, 2007


Between my vivid imagination and weird phobias (ie: ferns, baby corn), I have this mini-fear of getting kidnapped and being at a severe disadvantage from escaping because my contacts will dry up and I won't be able to see. The closest term I could find for it was scotomaphobia- fear of blindness in visual field.

I just thought of this again because at the luncheon our office was at, we somehow started talking about eye issues and everything eye doctors do to you. The glaucoma eye puff tests (that takes 5x for me because I always flinch), the eye dilations, the black flashy dot test, the metal rod poking your eye to measure pressure, the occassional mean eye doctor that yells at you. And as I went to finally pick up my contacts today after playing phone-tag with the new eye doctor's office for over a week, I thought about all the hassle we have to go through because of our bad vision.

I have decided that the best way to get rid of my weird fear and hassle of contacts/glasses is to get a job with a salary high enough to get lasik surgery, especially since my eyesight will probably be horrible by the time I graduate. And don't ask me why I have less fear of someone shooting a laser in my eye than getting kidnapped and not being able to escape because of my poor eyesight. I know I have illogical phobias.


Doug said...

Just so you know, I have illogical phobias too:

-Accidentally grinding my teeth on a glass marble.

You aren't alone.

faithsalutes said...

my dream is to have lasik eye surgery.