Monday, May 28, 2007

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

I'm back from a wonderful week frolicking around the East Coast. I think the trip and all the relaxing made it finally feel like summer (the 90 degree weather also helps). Here are some highlights, pictures, and mini-restaurant's long, but only because we had so much fun.

Syracuse, NY
  • Lots of car shopping because Alex's Saturn was dying. Not my favorite type of shopping, but Alex is now the proud owner of a Honda Civic, just like I used to be.
  • Karaoke for Alex's co-worker's birthday. From women with bad perms, feathered bangs, and shiny stretch pants singing country ballads, to very drunk men screaming heavy metal-- we pretty much we were stuck in the bad part of the 80s/white trash era. The worst/scariest was a woman who had a pair of eyes tattooed on her cleavage. Overall a fun night though, especially when Alex's friends made him sing Kelly Clarkson's Miss Independent.
  • Belated Anniversary dinner at La Cena, a really cute restaurant serving "latin american, mexican, and caribbean fare." The paella and relleno were good, but the stand out of the night was the fresh mango, avocado & strawberry salad. If you ever happen to find yourself out in Syracuse, definitely check it out.
From NY to DE
  • Had to skip Philly because we were running a day late, but we were able to pass Scranton, PA (for all you Office fans) and Hazleton, PA (for all people in my Property class).
  • Pennsylvania had the first rest-stop bathrooms I would actually go into. So clean!
  • Ate at Where Pigs Fly in Dover. Pretty good bbq place, especially since they have baked sweet potatoes as a side.
Rehoboth Beach, DE
  • The BEACH! Dare I say, I would put Rehoboth up there with nice California beaches. The waves were smaller, but I don't go in the water anyway. They had big umbrellas and fancy wooden lawnchairs for people, the beach itself was very clean, and the white picket fence around the beach was very cute East Coast. I don't know if I got much tanner but it was very relaxing just lying out on the sand.
  • Alex and I practically went to all 150+ stores at the Tanger Outlets in Rehoboth for some tax-free shopping. Best deals of the day: a $30 suit for me and a $24 pair of leather loafers for Alex.
  • The boardwalk area of Rehoboth is also very quaint and enjoyable, especially because we came before the crazy Memorial Day weekend rush. Be sure to check out Claws Crab House (where Alex enjoyed crab legs for $5 at happy hour) and the Frogg Pond (for some amazing Chesapeake chicken wings) on the main street if you ever visit.
Washington, DC
  • Ended the trip back in my home and had dinner down Connecticut Ave at Spices, an Asian fusion and sushi place that was tasty and decently priced. Alex and I shared dumplings and sushi. The mango sticky rice for dessert was especially tasty.
  • Went to go see Pirates 3. It's a fun summer movie- not exactly mindless though because I (and the critics) thought it was confusing.
  • We decided to beat the heat by going to the National Portrait Gallery and Smithsonian American Art Museum, located across the street from the movie theater. Good museum, and like all others public museums in DC, it was free. My favorite exhibit was the Presidential portraits of course, but I'm a nerd like that.
  • Walked around Adam's Morgan and had Ethiopian food for dinner at Meskerem. I preferred Meskerem to Zed's in Georgetown because (1) the food was better, and (2) instead of fancy white tableclothes and regular chairs, we got to sit on leather "poufs" (like cushy ottomons), and our "table" was like a big basket turned upside down. I won't even try to describe Ethiopian food for those who hadn't had it, but Alex and I had fun eating with our hands.
  • Next day we drove up to Baltimore to catch the Oakland A's play the Orioles. Camden Yards is absolutely gorgeous with all of the brick. The game was pretty fun too even though it was really hot and humid.
Memorial Day is supposed to be the start of summer, but I guess I got a head start. Thanks to the boyfriend for driving me all around. I think I fully recovered from my first year of law school and am ready for the busy summer ahead.
The End

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