Monday, March 15, 2010

March Goodness

With UCLA's quick fall from grace--Final Four not so long ago, to not making any tournament this year--March Madness can seem like a real bummer. I don't want to fill out a bracket, I don't care who the number one seeds are, and I can't read about Cinderella stories because I just get envious.

So I am taking the $10 that I would have used for a bracket and am donating it to March Goodness. My friend Faithsaultes is working for a great company Razoo, which helps different nonprofits raise money. I love creative fundraising, and last year this tournament idea raised a lot of money for many worthy causes. 

So donate. Doesn't matter if your team is good or not, whether you follow college basketball. There's a nonprofit for everyone and every little bit helps. 

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faithsalutes said...

Thank you friend! And if you are in DC...come meet us at our Happy Hour on Thursday at Fado Irish Pub in Chinatown.

Your NPO is currently in the lead.