Monday, September 07, 2009

Labor Day

I celebrated Labor Day today by laboring for a few hours at the Courthouse. Although it was a federal holiday that I got off, I decided to go in because we have a jury trial tomorrow and I needed to prepare some materials. As you can tell, going in also gave me the chance to give Alex a tour and snap a few pictures of my office (see above). I love my wall of leatherbound books of cases and rules. I am like Belle from Beauty and the Beast who loves her library.

Going into work for a few hours also did not feel so bad after an amazing long weekend. Restaurant Week with my favorite conservatives, outlet/IKEA shopping, UCLA football game at the bar with 80 bruins, pool lounging with the older folks at my apartment building, UCLA futbol at Georgetown, Georgetown waterfront relaxation with an out-of-town friend, Ray's Hell Burger, and rooftop dining at Surfside. I was originally jealous of my parents and brother going out of town for the weekend, but it was like I got my own mini vacation in DC.

The relaxation was very much needed this weekend. It is going to be a crazy week with a jury trial and 41 hearings on Friday (a new record, I heard); it is like Labor Week. I am ready though. Let's go.

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