Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Bar Reflections Part 3: PTSS & Back to Reality

It is still difficult for me to grasp that I finished the bar exam less than a week ago. That is me, after finishing three grueling days. A dork, but a happy dork.

The million dollar question that I have received a million times since finishing: how did it go? *shrug* I do not know. When you are dealing with such a long test with so many components, it is easy to only remember certain parts- usually the difficult or obscure parts. It was challenging but not as horrible as I imagined it could be. I felt pretty confident on the essays, so for me, I think it will come down to the multiple choice section. It is really difficult to tell when you can always narrow down the question to two choices.

The funny part about finishing the bar exam is that you feel like you have so much more knowledge you acquired over the summer that went untapped. On the one hand, I wished they had tested on the topics that I put so much time and effort into learning (community property, wills & trusts, California civil procedure), but on the other hand I was relieved to get familiar concepts.

All that knowledge floating in my head has manifested itself into numerous law and bar-related dreams. Fortunately no failing the dream nightmares (yet), but dreams in multiple choice and essay structure form. I am reading Pillars of the Earth and then had a dream that Prior Phillip and builder Tom entered into an oral contract to build the cathedral. Was it enforceable?

It is like I am suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome from my summer of studying. Everything I see reminds me of the test. That story on the news about kidney transplants immediately brings me back to the tort essay about car accidents impeding the delivery kidneys.

Hopefully a little more time and a little more fun will make me normal again. Or at the very least, maybe having a job that starts in a few weeks where I can apply the law will make me slightly more "normal" after hours. Finally, I decided to extensively blog about this to get everything out of my system. Some closure. So I promise that this will be my last post about the bar until I find out results in November.

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