Friday, July 03, 2009

Some TLC

My friends and I at law school always joked that our significant others should form a support group. They really put up with a lot over the three years of law school. Planning date nights around memo deadlines and journal assignments, dealing with us when we are stressed-out or are acting self-centered, listening to us talk about law school all the time. No wonder so many people broke-up with their significant others during law school, and there were even a few divorces.

And just when many significant others may have thought the worst was over, here comes the bar exam--where we work even longer hours and are probably more stressed out than the past 3 years combined. I bet they didn't even think that was possible.

It really makes me feel lucky that I have such an understanding and supportive boyfriend. I actually have not been feeling as stressed out right now, but I still study long hours. Even though Alex's work and apartment is only a few blocks away from my class, I only get to see him around 2x a week, and will probably see him less in the next few weeks.

Yet, despite my neglect, I get a knock on the door today. It was Alex with 2 bags of Trader Joe goods and an orchid to spruce up my study space. I was so happy, I almost cried (instead I just took a picture- this picture didn't even have everything). Yummy microwavable Indian food, fresh fruit, granola bars, soups, mochi balls, flaxseed chips, hummus, chocolate covered espresso beans, and more.

As one of my friends said, these guys really do deserve medals.

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