Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Checking In and Signing Out (kind of)

Never fear. I am still alive, even if I feel brain dead after doing a 3-hour simulated test over the weekend and a 6-hour simulated test yesterday. That's a total of 300 multiple choice questions. I have never been a big fan of multiple choice, and 6 hours of it is exhausting.

Add on top of that learning and writing 5 essays about dividing spouse's marital property and well . . . there is a reason why I did not want to blog over the weekend. Luckily I did get to take a break, including lounging by the pool on the Fourth and watching the fireworks on a rooftop downtown.

Anyway, I wish I could write insightful blogs about Palin resigning, MJ's memorial that cost LA millions, Obama's healthcare plan, MTV's filming of the Real World in DC, and the other billion current events that all seem to happen while I am in class, but it's post July 4, which means I am going into bar review lockdown. I am still not at the "freak out" or "hit the wall" state, but there is still much studying to be done.

Just did not want people to worry if my posts become more infrequent and I am online even less. In addition to the fact I should be studying more, I really just do not want to bore you all because all I am (or should) be doing is studying.

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