Saturday, June 13, 2009

Study Treats

If there was ever an upside about studying for the bar exam, it is that the demanding hours makes you judicious in what you do with the time you carve out as "free-time" and it makes you really appreciate the breaks you take. You figure that if you have such limited personal time, you better do something you really want to do and enjoy it.

Since we have class 5 or 6 times a week (which is +2x as much class as we had in law school), and my roommate and I declared Fridays our food excursion days to get us through the long weeks. We are usually good about cooking all our meals at home, so this is a fun treat and a way to explore DC's emerging street food/mom&pop shop scene. Last week was the Greek Deli, this week was the Korean Bulgogi Cart (left), next week is Pedro & Vinny's vegetarian burritos. Both the Greek Deli and the Bulgogi cart were amazing--better than the food at most restaurants in DC at a fraction of the price.

After a painfully boring lecture on Friday, knowing that I would be too drained to work, I headed out with the DC Bruins to an outdoor movie screening. It was a beautiful night out, I got to see a lot of people I have not seen in a while, and as an added bonus- the movie they were showing was the Breakfast Club as part of their "I love the 80s" series. 80s music amakes me very happy. Also, I could relate to being locked in school on a Saturday morning.

Funny how I have lived in DC for 3 years + 1 intern summer and this was the first time that I have partaken in DC's famous outdoor movie nights or tried many of their famous lunch eateries. Who knew the only motivation I needed was the bar exam?

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faithsalutes said...

let me know where the carts are. must try.