Thursday, June 11, 2009

Food Fighters

Why am I studying dozens of hours a week this summer to join a profession that is the punchline of many jokes? Because everyone once in a while, lawyers and lawyers-in-training do some pretty cool things like fight for the street tacos.

The LA Times had a story about how a legal team, which included law students at UCLA in the clinical program, helped overturn a city ordinance that prohibited food carts. Although LA has power to pass regulations to protect health and safety, the court commissioner found that LA's regulations did not further either. That would have been a great clinic assignment.

In honor of law students, clinical programs, my alma mater, hardworking street vendors providing delicious food, and the recent lift of the DC food cart ban as well, my roommate and I are going to patron the Korean food cart tomorrow before class.

(photo courtesy of LAT as well)

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