Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The End of the World

Storm's a Comin', originally uploaded by Backwards Bill.
Taken on June 9, 2009, uploaded June 9, 2009

If DC was ever invaded by aliens, attacked by a foreign country, or witnessed Armageddon, I have a feeling it would look a little like today. Coming out of BarBri class, the weather was hot, humid, and generally sunny. However, some foreboding dark clouds loomed, and before we knew it, the sky turned black. It went to day to night in a minute and strong winds gusted out of nowhere, whipping around tree branches and kicking up leaves. Street vendors quickly started taking down their umbrellas and packing up their carts. And then people started running. Everyone wanted to make it to the metro before the clouds opened up and dumped rain, or even worse-hail, down on us.

DCist has noted how "words like 'soaking,' 'relentless rain,' 'flooding' and 'monsoon of Biblical proportions that will drown all but our souls' makes it into every weather forecast." I have done DC summers before, thunderstorms and all. However, I have never seen storms as bad as this year. Daily flood watch, trees knocked down, power lines going out, etc. Whereas in previous year a thunderstorm would last for an hour, now they go all night long. Early this morning the thunder was so strong and continuous that it almost felt like our building was shaking. Damage and getting wet aside, however, it is actually pretty cool to watch as long as you're inside.

Climate change? God punishing DC? Who knows. Just be sure to pack your umbrella if you are visiting DC. (Faith, I am looking at you)

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