Friday, June 05, 2009

Star Trek

Tonight my friends and I went out to the Imax theater by Dulles to go see Star Trek the movie. Having grown up watching the tv show Star Trek the Next Generation (I embrace my nerdiness, see left), and hearing so many good things about this movie, I was very excited. The movie definitely lived up to all of its hype. So good.

I really enjoy movies that explain characters. This Star Trek reminded me of Batman Begins; taking characters that people are familiar with and providing the backstory. Add in humor, a good story line, and attractive actors and it makes for an overall great movie. After seeing this movie and Up last week, I am afraid that the rest of the summer just will not live up.

What made the night even better was that I got to see my friends that I do not get to see as often since bar classes started. They and Alex even surprised me with icecream cake and party decorations at Alex's apartment afterwards. A happy ending.

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