Thursday, June 04, 2009

Ready . . . Break

"Is it August yet?" is the new "Are we there yet?"

It was just one of those days where I was in such a daze, I got discombobulated in my own apartment building. After I got home from class, I got off the elevator on my floor and was not sure which way to go. I seriously thought for a moment that they moved the elevators.

This is what happens when I have class five (or even six) times a week for the first time since my second or third year of college. I also blame the property practice tests that kicked my butt today, four straight hours of afternoon class (I am only conditioned for two hours at a time), and the bizarre apocalyptic weather we have had--not your usual type of DC summer storms.

I am taking it easy tomorrow (sleep in, go out to lunch with Alex and roommie, see Star Trek imax with friends after class) before I get lost going to my room or something.

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