Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Little California

One of the very few good things about taking the California bar is that you get to take a class with all Californians. It gives you a sense of home and there's some camraderie. Everyone wears flipflops even if it is pouring rain outside- usually Rainbows. People rock Laker gear and talk about games going into overtime. And you know a good chunk of the people came went to UCLA, Berkeley, or U$C for undergrad because 1) they wear sweatshirts from those respective schools in our freezing cold classroom and 2) it looks like UCLA, Berkeley, or U$C demographically speaking . . .

Helen: do you know adam p.? he was a [student government] person. he is in your barbri class
me: i've heard the name through you but i don't know him personally. that's funny. where did he go to school?
Helen: GW. he is short, jewish and has a lisp :)
me: which describes like...half the people in my class
Helen: funny when i asked about you, and said you are an asian girl he said the same thing
me [simultaneously]: the other half are asian. it's just like ucla

(and before anyone wonders how I know people are Jewish . . . I have definitely heard more than a few people talk about J-Date.)

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