Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Thanks Teachers

Now that I am officially done with two decades of schooling, I have been a little nostalgic. As excited as I am to start working, I am going to miss school because I am one of those nerds who actually liked school. A large part of that had to do with the teachers and professors I had. I was thinking yesterday about how some teachers were pivotal to where I am today, and I decided to send them thank you emails.

I sent one to my AP US History/Government teacher who pushed me like no other teacher in high school. He did not just expect us to pass the AP tests, he expected 5's, and conducted class accordingly. Daily quizzes, running our scantrons through the grading machine in front of the class, expecting us to back up all test questions with sources. And what other high school teacher uses the Socratic method? It was probably some of the best preparation for law school. He gave me the pocket constitution I still have in my bag today, and once told me that I would make a great Solicitor General.

Another thank you went out to my eight grade honors English teacher. Honestly before, I never really realized that I was a good writer. There was a time when I was on the math team and wanted to be a doctor or psychologist. However, her assignments made me realize that my strengths lay elsewhere. And while I am far from the smartest kid in my classes still, I now have confidence in my writing, which has taken me far in law school.

I have had so many other great teachers, but those were the ones who had the greatest impact. If I ever need motivation as to why I want to do law related to education, I will just remember them.

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