Thursday, May 21, 2009

Finishing Strong

*disclaimer, this will be the first and last time I will gloat about my grades. I am graduating from law school, let me have my moment*

My best academic semester at UCLA was my last semester because I was determined to get a 4.0 after barely missing it several times. Likewise, I fought senioritis in my last semester of law school by aiming to get a 4.0 so I could raise my gpa to from cum laude to magna cum laude level. Nerdy yes, but I need some motivation to get me through my last semester.

Well, I got my grades a few days ago. I had received a B+ in my Business Assocations class. Any other semester, I would have been satsified, not thrilled, but satisfied because I would tell myself that it was not an area of law I was interested in. But with less classes this semester, I actually had time to focus on the class and learned that I actually do enjoy corporate law. I partcipated in class, I went to office hours (for the first time ever!), I was so prepared. So I was disappointed with my grade. But when I went to pick up my test today, I realized that my professor forgot to grade one of my answers. Fortunately he was in his office, realized his mistake, and changed my grade to an A. What a great feeling.

Honestly, I do not know that getting a 4.0 this semester will even bump me up to the next honors level, but I do not care (ok, maybe just a little). I am more excited that I was able to push myself and be just as diligent of a student, if not more, leaving law school as I was coming in. That I did not let law school kill my "academic spirit." To have grades that reflect that, is of course, icing on the cake. I am hoping to continue the momentum through the bar exam.

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chaka said...

nice job Kristina!

will be celebrating with you soon!